Friday, 13 November 2009

I'm here and I'm still kicking!!

Just about lol!
Soooooooo whats been happening?
A few snippits of news, the first being my invitation to demo at the UK Flame Off next year! I am absoultely thrilled and cacking myself at the same time. What on earth am I going to demo???? Especially as the amazingly talented Sharon Peters, Teresa Laliberte and Diana east will be demoing along side me! Now don't get me wrong I absolutely love what I do but I do not glass myself in the same league as the amazingly talented glass artits. I have absolutely no glass training what so ever. I taught myself as a hobby so pretty much feel like a fraud! Oh well I'll just do what I do best.......fluff my way through =op

I have also been invited to have my beads showcased in Stringing magazine for a product review in the Winter edition!

I have also been publish again here, my picture is on the back cover ;o)

Also there are new beads up for grabs too!! 2 new sets on etsy

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Vivas said...

You: What on earth am I going to demo????
me: just show your beads as usual you are doing. They are beautiful an special. I like them very much. If I could, I would come to see your demonstration... but the way is a little bit toooo long *:-)Wish you a good time and never breaking beads !