Thursday 3 December 2009

OMG its nearly Christmas!!

I was thinking that I was really prepared until I took stock of what I had got and what I still need to get. And I am no where near as organised as I thought I was :o/ ooooops!!
Ah well lets talk beads instead hahaha :oD
I haven't been listing much as I was hoarding all my stock for a bead fair that I did last weekend. Unfortunately the fair wasn't as fruitful as I was hoping it would be.
But that does mean that there is lots of new stuff up for grabs :o)
In fact I have just listed 3 new items on etsy.......

Lorna XX

Friday 13 November 2009

I'm here and I'm still kicking!!

Just about lol!
Soooooooo whats been happening?
A few snippits of news, the first being my invitation to demo at the UK Flame Off next year! I am absoultely thrilled and cacking myself at the same time. What on earth am I going to demo???? Especially as the amazingly talented Sharon Peters, Teresa Laliberte and Diana east will be demoing along side me! Now don't get me wrong I absolutely love what I do but I do not glass myself in the same league as the amazingly talented glass artits. I have absolutely no glass training what so ever. I taught myself as a hobby so pretty much feel like a fraud! Oh well I'll just do what I do best.......fluff my way through =op

I have also been invited to have my beads showcased in Stringing magazine for a product review in the Winter edition!

I have also been publish again here, my picture is on the back cover ;o)

Also there are new beads up for grabs too!! 2 new sets on etsy

Monday 17 August 2009

Where does time go??

So much for me posting regular lol!!
I blame the kids....well school holidays. Its been an absolute manic time in the Prime household with 3 kids to entertain. So not much torch time :o( But on saying that I did get a good few hours this weekend so there are going to be new beads going up on etsy over the next few days.
For a sneeky look before beads go up for sale on etsy please look at my flickr page.

Tuesday 16 June 2009

Tikki and Interstellar Bouquet

First of all let me show you my 2 new listings on etsy.
Gosh its been a week already since I last blogged!!
I have been mad packing all week ready for my Hols at the weekend.
Camping in Tenby and I can't wait!! I think I am more excited than the kids lol.
I haven't had much torching time this week as my poor baby (well he's 2 but still my baby!) has been really poorly with a nasty throat and chest infection.
He's back on the mend now though and back to fighting with his brother and sister :o/
I must remember to take the dog to the vets too!! she needs her jabs before the weekend. So everyone remind me on other wise its no kennels = No hols!! akkkkkkkkkkkk

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Grans tea set!

I had a little blip yesterday and made some flowery pretty beads!!

Odd but true I know lol. I ev en made them in 2 colourways!!
Anyway the blue set is now on etsy and the burgundy set will be going on tomorrow unless someone would like to nab them before hand?? ;o)

Monday 8 June 2009

How crap am I???

Its been over 12 months since I updated this blog!
Infact I forgot I had it oooops.

Well a lot has happened since I started :o)

I am now officially self employed as a lampwork artist. Its scary but very exciting too!

I am also now teaching the wonderful art of lampwork in my new workshop.
I will try to update this as often as possible with new work and listing on my site and maybe the odd musing of family life too :o)

Wednesday 30 April 2008

Haven't got a clue!!

Well I have followed the masses and got my own blog spot, which is quite a laugh really as I'm not that much of a chatter!!
So gawwwwwwwwwd knows what I shall write about!
I just completed my first bead fair at the weekend and it was fabulous :o) so I now need to go through all my left over stock and decide what to put up on my website
So I had best get off my butt and do something lol.
Lorna X