Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tikki and Interstellar Bouquet

First of all let me show you my 2 new listings on etsy.
Gosh its been a week already since I last blogged!!
I have been mad packing all week ready for my Hols at the weekend.
Camping in Tenby and I can't wait!! I think I am more excited than the kids lol.
I haven't had much torching time this week as my poor baby (well he's 2 but still my baby!) has been really poorly with a nasty throat and chest infection.
He's back on the mend now though and back to fighting with his brother and sister :o/
I must remember to take the dog to the vets too!! she needs her jabs before the weekend. So everyone remind me on other wise its no kennels = No hols!! akkkkkkkkkkkk

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Keiara Wells said...

always fantastic beads.. but how did I not know you had a blog?!?